Thursday, July 30, 2009


Defendants offer evidence and when it is cross examined, they gag the discussion?
No one has any problems with the existence of the Hyksos except you.
This thread is closed. This is a bunch of alternative drivel and as I have mentioned this is not the board to do this.
Here they use the "evidence" found proves the Hyksos existed in those areas.
When I asked them "HYK-Whos-dump-is-it " .. when I showed the Egyptians were there centuries before and centuries after the supposed Hyksos and asked how they determined the remains belonged to the Hyksos,  the moderator closed the thread.
If they would use those artifacts to prove the Hyksos were there, wouldn't it be nice for them to give their evidence how they determined those finds were put there by the Hyksos?
Any way, I think I got all the major references they use to produce their hyksos story, it will give me places to search.