Sunday, July 19, 2009



Ancient Hebrews top

Bottom 'Modern Hebrews'

Is there any ancient Hebrew text found in Egypt? Did God write the 10 commandments in Hebrews, Hieroglyphs or what?


Cuneiform top. This is what the Amarna letters were written in

Hieroglyphics bottom

If the Israelites were in Egypt, why didn't they or the Egyptians write any thing about them?


Hieroglyphs top left Scarab that identified a Hyksos king Apophis middle Cuneiform right

Modern Hebrews left Ancient Hebrews bottom right

Which text is the same as on the scarab that identifies the Hyksos king Apophis?

* We often hear names like Apophis. Is this guy or any of his relatives ever identified as Hyksos? or is this an assumption ?

* Show us the word Apophis on the scarab

* In Goggle search, it is written there are hundreds of thousands of scarabs in Egypt and through out the middle east. There were millions of people, do you suppose they all had different names?

* It appears that scarabs were a means of identification but they were not exclusive to the rich. They were as common as dirt. They are found every where. On a program called "The naked archeologist" the guy told how such fakes are with out end.

* Authentic or fake scarabs are common through out the middle east.

Does this particular scarab identify this guy as a king?

Does this particular scarab identify this guy as a Hyksos?

* Where was this scarab found, in a palace or in the ground where the commoners lived?

* What is this scarab made of and how hard would it be to create a fake?

* Who found it? When exactly did they find it?

* In Egypt archeologist are not allowed to take ancient artifacts out of the country with out a permit. It keeps down the theft of ancient artifacts and slows down forgers. Did any one file an application with any Egyptian authorities and get a permit to remove it from Egypt?