Wednesday, July 22, 2009


HYK- The -Turin-King-List-b

The "King's list" that is the basis for the Hyksos is broken into over 160 fragments and a whole bunch of pieces missing.
It is from these scraps that hundreds of pages are written.. FROM INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THESE SHREDS?
If they really want to share the information to the world, why wouldn't they copy the scraps they have pieced together, and replace the foreign characters/words, with the words of the language they are translating it to?
In this hypothetical example the parchment would be a copy of the original they have pieced together and the original text would be replaced with words of the language the papyrus was being translated to. (i.e. the hieroglyph for the word pharaoh would be replaced with the English word as in this example).
The same areas / words would be missing. Why don't these "archeologist/translators" let you see it in your language? Well because they would lose their usefulness and people could make up their own mind, what information does exist in that text.