Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hyksos-054 ==============

Heliopolis / On

Genesis 41:50 And unto Joseph were born two sons before the years of famine came, which Asenath the daughter of Potipherah priest of On bare unto him.

heliopolis hieroglyphics

Heliopolis (one of the northern cities supposed to be ruled by the Hyksos) ..

Heliopolis is packed with tons of statues of Egyptians and the hieroglyphics of Egyptians in the ruins of the ancient city of Heliopolis. How did they get there? I thought the Hyksos had ran the Egyptians out of northern Egypt?

In the time line when the 'Hyksos ruled Egypt', what would the Hyksos be doing while they were creating buildings and statues promoting Egyptian Pharaohs?

Kind of like believing the Chinese created Mt. Rushmore?


Yes governments do name land areas after famous people of foreign nations. The catch is, places are named AFTER famous people.

No place could be named AFTER a famous person before that person was born and became famous.

idols/gods, yes the Hyksos may have worshipped gods of the Egyptians and created those statues, but weren't the Israelites supposed to have been the worshippers of one God?

If the Hyksos ruled northern Egypt, why would they erect statues of the Egyptian Pharaohs they drove out, but neglect to create statues of their own kings?

================= "The king pauses in worship before Ptah standing on a pedestal The God holds a composite sceptre with the signs of stability and power.
Ptah is evoked as a reminder of Chapter 82 of the Book of the Dead "Spells to take the form of the God Ptah; to eat bread, to drink beer, to finally be unfettered, to be a living being in Heliopolis".
One easily sees the Heliopolitan Solar influence, which Ramesses tried to restore, expressing itself here : Ptah is clearly the designation of Atum in Heliopolis (Barguet).

(view 41).

If the Egyptian Pharaohs were expelled out of the north in this time line, why do all of the cities of the north have tons of images, hieroglyphics and statues of Egyptian Pharaohs?

I'll bet Stalin was not erecting statues of Hitler in the town square or I'll bet you the people of Kuwait was not erecting statues of Sadam in their cities, but if we are to believe the Hyksos story, we have to believe after they drove the Egyptian Pharaohs out of the northern lands, then they (the Hyksos) erected statues of those they drove out?... Duh

Look at the ruins of the ancient cities of northern Egypt, hieroglyphs and statues saying pharaoh was here in all of these northern lands, but no text or statues that noticed any such people as Hyksos?