Saturday, July 18, 2009



Loom, machine used in weaving fabrics from yarn or other fibers. A woven fabric produced on a loom is made by interlacing two sets of threads at right angles. The longitudinal threads are called the warp, and the transverse threads.


It is written that Hyksos introduced Looms to Egypt.

#1 If they found any Looms in Egypt, how would they determine of Hyksos or Egyptians had made it.

#2 If Hyksos ruled northern Egypt, does that mean Egyptians remained there as in the example of when the Nazis ruled Poland or the British ruled India or did the Hyksos drive all Egyptians out of northern Egypt?

#3 If the Hyksos did drive all Egyptians out of the north, wouldn't the Egyptians have left some of their own belongings there?

#4 With out any text of the maker identifying it as being made by the Hyksos, how would they determine who made it?

#5 Give examples of Looms 'archeologist' claim to have been produced in Egypt by the Hyksos?