Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We are lead to believe the mythical Hyksos brought horses and chariots to Egypt.

The only way to speculate when horses or chariots were first in Egypt is by

a) Age dating the remains of horses or chariots found in ancient Egypt or

b) By finding the oldest text in Egypt.

c) Age dating the remains of horses or chariots found outside of Egypt

d) Finding the oldest text outside of Egypt mentioning the use of horses and chariots

Then comparing these ancient text inside and outside of Egypt, to find the earliest records of the existence of horses and chariots.

HYS-CHARIOTS-HORSES-01 What individuals or organization has actually collected all known artifacts and text through out the middle east and produced evidence of which areas horses and chariots first existed?

HYS-CHARIOTS-HORSES-02 Identify the oldest text or artifacts identifying horses and chariots that exists in the middle east?

HYS-CHARIOTS-HORSES-03 There IS or is NOT any evidence you can produce to show any one brought horses and chariots to Egypt for the first time?

After digging up a dead horse, an archeologist declared it to be the favorite hourse of a Hyksos king.

If you look up the name of this 'Hyksos king' in the hieroglyphic text, the man is never identified as a Hyksos nor is he identified as a king.Did they do a dna test on the horse to determine it was a 'Hyksos horse"

The Egyptians had been trading/interacting with the populations of Mesopotamia 1000 years before the Hyksos accounts.
The people of Mesopotamia had horses centuries before "Hyksos" were herd of.

Couldn't the Egyptians have gotten their horses from those they traded with for centuries.

Oh yeah and in the Egyptian text that does mention Hyksos, it was only the Egyptians that were recorded having chariots

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