Monday, July 13, 2009


Hyksos-056 ==============
Hyksos driven north into Canaan?

Is it written that Ahmose drove the Hyksos south? If not could they have actually been the Cushites?

Let me guess you want it to be a people from the north so they could be the Israelites ... ok

Is it written they were driven NW, NE, due North, or it is not specified?

If the mythical Hyksos were driven north into Canaan, there were settlements in Canaan that came from Egypt, Syria, Iraq ... i.e. the Israelites actually came from ancestors in ancient Iraq.

The first Israelite did not exist until Jacob produced his first son (there were no other Israelites on earth).

There were less than 80 Israelites on earth when they went into Egypt. Canaan was splattered with dozens of Asian tribes/nations before Abraham got there.

Any of dozens of these Asian tribes could have been the mythical Hyksos. They lived in Canaan before the Israelites, all the time the Israelites were there and they lived there after the multitude of Israelites were scattered out of Canaan.

Any of the dozens of Asian populations in Canaan could be identified as enemies, foreigners or shepherds (there were no factories, livestock and farming was the bulk of all ancient people)

Any of the definations of Hyksos would have fit all of the Asian tribes living in the north.

So they say the Hyksos were driven 'North' out of Egypt? Ok, which of dozens of Asian tribes in Canaan do you pick to be the Hyksos? ... Why, because the whole 'Hyksos' myth comes from European 'Jews' not from ancient Egypt.