Wednesday, July 29, 2009



Nouns name people, places, and things.

Every noun can further be classified as COMMON or PROPER

A proper noun excludes those who do not belong to it.

A common noun includes any and all

The girls <> Susie

The team <> the quarter back

The foreigners <> the French

The foreigners <> the Spanish

The foreigners <> the Germans

The listings on the left are abstract, they could be any or all.

The listings on the right are EXCLUSIVE... they exclude all that does not come under the umbrella of that proper noun.



Imagine taking text written in different times of history and assuming the unidentified group is always the group being spoken about.

* The British fought against their Enemy in a battle in the sea.

* The British fought against their enemy in France,

* The British fought against their enemy in Germany.

If such text were found in different location in multiple locations and decades apart in time, would it be correct to assume THE COMMON NOUN "THEIR ENEMY" is always identifying the same people?

Well the British fought against the Spanish, French, Germans ... in different places and different periods of history.


So if Egyptian text was found that stated foreign forces attacked different locations ... and this text were found in different areas of Egypt, in different time periods, those foreigners could have been an array of different lands.

As for the 'Hyksos' story, these unidentified invaders are ONLY shown to have attacked a small area .. one city in northern Egypt.

The Egyptians encountered the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Persians, the Syrians, The Hittites, the Greeks and the Romans... ALL foreigners !

When these foreign empires actually ruled northern Egypt, they ruled ALL cities of northern Egypt.

Foreign kings ruled northern Egypt... NO such information in Egypt

Foreigners did attack areas/cities that were a trivial fraction of northern Egypt at different times.. and these foreigners were not identified.

Foreigner = Hyksos.. ho ho. Foreigners = any tribes / nations outside of Egypt

By this Hyksos definition:

Hyksos only means NON Egyptian and NO specific tribe or nation.

Hyksos invaders of different areas in different times = an array of non Egyptians who invaded Egypt at different times.

The account found in Ahmose's tomb is little more than the attack of Pancho Villa who ran across the border and attacked one city. The attack of these unidentified foreigners did continue for 3 years, but it did not spread through out the vast empire of northern Egypt.

Instead of foreigners who attacked localized cities, foreigners who ruled northern Egypt were such as Greeks, Romans, Assyrians, Babylonians.

All foreign rulers who did rule northern Egypt

The Egyptian word 'Hyksos' does not identify a people by the name of Hyksos.

The Egyptian word 'Hyksos' just means NON Egyptians and there were Hyksos from multiple nations.