Wednesday, July 29, 2009



When I asked for specific ancient text that identifies Hyksos as rulers of Egypt I got this response


I don't (need to) say this quickly, but: read a book.

Something good. By an Egyptologist or so.

You could use some basic knowledge, before claiming 2 centuries of kinda smart people to be idiots.


The difference today and the past is now authors do not have a bully pulpit. People can get on the internet and cross examine assertions.

I like to play investigator where I ask people who appear to have knowledge about the topics at hand.

Because we share the same interest, we are glad to present any knowledge we have.

For example if the topic was the connection to the Israelites to the Egyptians according to the bible...

IF I had already read and found that information, I would not tell any one to go read it and find it.

IF any I talk to have information, IF they have seen the information I seek in a book.. they not only give the name of the book and author BUT they also give the exact information for the topic at hand.

As for any one being right based on them being a scholar, Egyptologist, anthropologist, archeologist, Dr, Professor ... I have addressed the concept of things being believable based on titles.

In universities people learn thousands of different things in dozens of different courses.

Of the thousands of things they may have learned, unless it addresses the question at hand it is a moot point.

IF any expert has the answer for the question at hand, there need be no hot air about his education, just a response to the question being asked.

If the question at hand was about the connection of Israelites to Egyptians

* I would show the specific book, chapter and verses which would prove there was no one but Egyptians for the 52 grandsons of Israel to produce their children with.

* I would show the specific book, chapter and verses where Israelites were still producing children with Egyptians in the Exodus.

* I would show the specific book, chapter and verses where the Israelite king married an Egyptian.

* I would show the specific book, chapter and verses where an Israelite took an Egyptian slave to produce his grandchildren

* I would show the specific book, chapter and verses where the Israelites who escaped the Babylonians fled to Egypt and settled.

Read this, read that? If any one has actually read a book where the author gives evidence of Hyksos ruling Egypt, they would site the evidence that they have read themselves.

In Egyptology it is fun to read what some author wrote.. BUT in the modern day with computers that reach around the world, we can check the source of the author's stories.

If any one claims they have read the information I seek in the book, they wouldn't tell me to read a book.. thousands of them until I got lucky and found such information.

IF any one of them have read a book with the information I seek, they would quote the information I seek.

It does not matter if it is in a book or on a web page...

IF any one is aware of any ancient Egyptian text which states they were ruled by Hyksos ... then be specific and quote that information.

Thus far, in all of the book readers I have encountered, no one has shown me:

* Text written by Egyptians or Hyksos IN the time the Hyksos were supposed to have been there.

* Text stating the Hyksos ruled Egypt.

What we do know about book readers who have interest in such topics, IF/WHEN they do find specific information as proof of some assertion, they don't tell others to read books till they find it, they do quickly quote that specific information.

To those who tell me to go read a book, my question is

* Have you read the information I seek, yourself?

* If so, produce it.


A modern day book would only be a detour that would show where the ancient text exists.

Those who tell you to go read a book are ignorant of such information themselves, so instead of admitting they are unaware of any such information, they cover it up by telling you to go read a book.

The information I seek will not be found in any book of any modern day experts, but if it exists, it will be in the text of the ancient Egyptians.

IF any one is aware of any ancient Egyptian text, WRITTEN IN THE TIME WHEN THE HYKSOS WERE SUPPOSED TO HAVE RULED, that states Hyksos ruled Egypt, show me the Egyptian text, do not give me the read a book loop hole.

As far as any thing being fact because some 'expert' wrote/said it, this is the response to such hot air