Thursday, July 30, 2009



If you don't like the time line of this guy's web page, use your own, it will come out the same.


The Old Kingdom 1st Dynasty 3I00 - 2890 BC

Narmer, Aha, Djer, Djet, Den, Anedjib, Semerkhet...


The Second Intermediate Period

15th Dynasty 1650-1550 BC

Depending on what "expert's" web page you look at, the Hyksos started coming to Egypt.. let's be nice and say 1700 BC


3100 BC to 1700 BC = 1,400 years Egyptians were hanging out in Egypt before the Hyksos invaded.


18th Dynasty 1550-1295 BC

Ahmose drove out the Hyksos .. say 1290 BC

That would leave 1290 years BC before the year zero


a) Egyptians lived there 1400 years before the Hyksos

b) Egyptian population lived there and were ruled by the Hyksos for 200 years


b) Hyksos drove the Egyptians out and lived there by themselves for 200 years.

c) Egyptians lived there for an additional 1290 years BC

Being very conservative, let's just say the Egyptian population was booted out and the Hykso had the land all to themselves.. and being very conservative, let's say the Egyptians only lived in the north of Egypt 2000 years.

In this hypothetical story the Egyptians would have lived there 1400 years before the Hyksos and 600 years after they were dispersed.

Now let's go to the ruins and begin our dig, when you start finding artifacts of populations that lived in that area for 2000 years (Egyptians long before and long after) how you gonna tell who's trash/artifacts you are digging up?


You can look at dozens of web pages who copy stuff out of the books of the "experts" and find they may disagree by centuries, but any numbers you use as your variables, the Egyptians were there centuries before and after the "Hyksos".

Looks like the most of those artifacts would have belonged to the Egyptians and if the Egyptians lived their in the Hyksos period, any artifacts of any Hyksos would not have amounted to a pile of beans.

So why do "Egyptologist" label the stuff they find in that dump/dig as Hyksos artifacts... you tell me.