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From some guy's web site... (Red text is my questions). In September Google will delete all GeoCity web sites, so I thought this one would be a good one to save.



Second Intermediate Period

A group of Asians, known as the Hyksos, founded their own dynasties in Egypt.

[ a) This information can be traced no further than to European Jews

b) This information can be traced to ancient Egypt or another ancient land. If so show us your source. ]

Hyksos translates to "Prince of Foreign Lands" or erroneously translated "Shepherd Kings".

[ There were dozens of lands which could be a foreign land. Any place outside of Egypt could be a foreign land ]

They were of Hurrian and Semitic background

[ a) This information can be traced no further than to European Jews

b) This information can be traced to ancient Egypt or another ancient land. If so show us your source. ]

They have a close relation with the shepherds of Israel.

[ a) This information can be traced no further than to European Jews

b) This information can be traced to ancient Egypt or another ancient land. If so show us your source. ]

[ If a Semite is an exclusive descendant of Shem, no such thing as a Semite ever existed. The Israelites were a composite of Ham as well as Shem.

If a Semite is one who spoke an Asian language, there were a multitude of different Asian languages and every one who spoke it, would be a Semite. There would be no such thing as a non Semite ]

It is not known how these foreign rulers gained their power. Some believe that they came into Egypt from the northeast and conquered Memphis and force the rest of the country to pay tribute. Others believe that since they did not try to enforce their Asiatic beliefs on the Egyptians that they had been living in the country for awhile and were already integrated into the Egyptian society before they gained power.

[ If there is no ancient text from Egypt or other civilizations what evidence do you have that any foreigners began to rule Egypt?

If not for the mythology that can be traced to no where than European Jews, what factual evidence there was such an invasion from any people identified as Hyksos? ]

The Egyptians did not mention them at all in texts; they were in denial of the fact that they had lost control of their country to others. The only detailed ancient account of the Hyksos was from Flavius Josephus, a Jewish historian.

[ You mean Josephus Flavius .. who's text does not exist?

Do you mean Josephus Flavius who wasn't even born until 2000 years after the supposed event?

Do you mean Josephus Flavius who's existence can be traced no where but to the mythology of European 'Jews'? ]


15th Dynasty

The Hyksos established the 15th Dynasty. These rulers were acknowledged throughout Egypt as the kings although other lines of kings were tolerated.

[ Is this information written in the ancient text of some ancient civilization or can this information be traced no further than to the mythology of European Jews and their mythological Josephus? ]

Their capital was located at Avaris (modern Tell ad-Dab'a) in the northeastern delta. Avaris was a fortified camp which was built over the remains of the Middle Kingdom town that had been seized.

[ Show us ancient text in Egypt that identifies any other than Egyptians in Aravis or does all of this information come out of European Jews, NOT Egypt?]

Their chief god was Set, who was worshipped in Avaris, in disguise as the Canaanite storm-god Baal.

[ Show us the ancient text that identifies who was worshipping Set or the god Baal. It does not matter what gods were there. Carved stone does not show who it's maker was or who worshipped it. To make these assertions, there has to be written text that identifies the Hyksos.

Does any ancient text tie Hyksos to these gods or is it the mythology of European Jews that makes this connection? ]

Hatshepsut refers to this time period in an inscription as a time "without Re".

[ Show us the exact text of Hatsheput you refer to and how you tie it to the Hyksos]

But we know that the Hyksos did in fact adopt Egyptian Gods.

[ Other than the mythological text of the European 'Jews', give the ancient text you use to KNOW the Hyksos adopted the Egyptian gods]

[ Wouldn't it be more than possible that it was Egyptians who made and worshipped their own Egyptian gods? ]

The Hyksos adopted the Egyptian language, the insignia and the organization of hereditary rulers. They adapted to the Egyptian way of life...

[ Other than the mythological account of European Jews and their mythology Josephus, show us the actual ancient text from Egypt that those using the Egyptian language were any one but Egyptians]

[ If the Hyksos drove the Egyptians to the south, how did the Hyksos adopt their language and culture?

If the Egyptians were allowed to stay in their land, how do you know which things were made by the Hyksos or Egyptians? ]

The Hyksos also brought things to the Egyptians. With them they brought the horse, which aided in combat and also brought chariots.

All chariots in Egypt were made with the wood of the Hyksos's homelands. They were made with stone-oak, ash, hornbeam and white birch bark. Chariots were reserved for the kings, the vizier, army generals, and few others.

[ In order to even guess where any tools, weapons or things were first made, wouldn't they have to (a) look at all places those things were made and (b) then do some kind of age dating to see where the oldest objects were found.

Which scientific organization has collected chariots through out all of the middle east and tested them to see which place has the oldest remains? ]

[ It is not Canaan, but Assyria, Babylon, it is the lands to the north EAST that appears to be the population that first used such chariots, but with out a test this would be more hot air.

If I remember right, there are images of Egyptians using chariots centuries before Ahmose. Depending which of the musical time lines they use, it appears the Egyptians had chariots centuries before the Hyksos fairy tale ??? I will have to look further into this one ]

Other advances to warfare were the introduction of the composite bow, new daggers and scimitars. The scarab also became a very popular symbol of good fortune.

[ Give your evidence that people in Canaan had composite bows, daggers, scimitars, scarabs .. before the Egyptians.

Explain on what physical evidence you make this claim or what ancient text reveals this information ?]

They also introduced new musical instruments and styles into Egypt. They brought new advances to bronze making, pottery, looms and many other things. New breeds of animals and crops were now produced. The Hyksos brought Egypt to the technological level of Asia. Without the Hyksos rule, Egypt would not have been able to later build the Empire that it did in the Near East.


[ Other than the BS of European Jews, give your evidence

* The Egyptians did not bring these things back from their own travels

* The Hyksos did bring these things to Egypt

* These innovations are the concepts of the Egyptians themselves.

New musical instruments <> bronze making <>

pottery <> looms<> breeds of animals <> crops

Pick any of your products, and give your evidence ]

Salitis ? Captured Memphis and placed himself in higher rank than any of the royal families becoming the first king of the 15th Dynasty.
[ Is this information written in some ancient text or is this information nothing but the information of European Jew mythology. Show where in the middle east you find these facts]

Apachnan- Khian ? Considered one of the great Hyksos rulers, his power reached beyond the Northern boarders of Egypt. Archaeologists have found some scarabs and seals with his name as far as Crete.
[ Show us exactly what you are talking about. If you found his seal in Crete, how does that prove he was ever in Egypt or he was a Hyksos?]

Apophis Khamundi ? His obelisk was discovered near Avaris. He was responsible for the withdrawal of the Hykos from the Delta due to the success of Ahmose.
[ Give your evidence this guy was any thing other than an Egyptian. Show us the actual text on the obelisk so we can get an expert to tell us exactly what it says]

The 16th Dynasty ruled at the same time as the 15th Dynasty as vassal Hyksos kings.
Pepi III
Nikare II
[ This is a pretty good list. Do you say these were Hyksos kings? If so, pick any one of them and show us the ancient text that reveals who they were and what they did ]

17th Dynasty

A tale from the New Kingdom tells us how the Hyksos king Apophis sent a letter to the Theban king Seqenenre II. The letter stated that Seqenenre's hippopotamuses were too loud and that they were prevented Apophis from sleeping. Seqenenre would not take this insult, but this is where the story is lost.

[ Show us the stone tablets or text from Egypt that records this record. Is this actually factual information with evidence or is this more fairy tales that comes from European Jews? Show us where this information can be found ]

[ Give your evidence that 'Apophis' was a Hyksos, Hittite, Ammorite or just a rogue Egyptian. What evidence do you have that identifies Apophis?]

In about 1560 B.C.E Seqenenre II, along with his two sons Kamose and Ahmose, lead a rebellion against Apophis. They were defeated and Seqenenre's mummy, who probably died in battle, along with his wife's was found in the Deir el-Bahri cache.

[ Give your ancient Egyptian text that reveals this chain of events or does this fairy tale come from European 'Jews'? ]

In 1552 B.C.E Seqenenre's successor Kamose liberated as far as the delta against Apophis II. He also besieged the enemy in Avaris and destroyed Apophis' attempt to bring a king of Nubia to his aid.

[ Give the ancient text from Egypt that records these events (if they are not from the European Jew mythology) ]

Kamose stated in an inscription that it was intolerable to share his land with Asiatic and Nubian rulers.

[ Give the exact inscription you speak of so we can find any term that means Asiatic in it ]

By the end of his third year Kamose made raids as far south as the Second Cataract and as far north as Avaris.

[ Give us the ancient Egyptian text where you receive this information ]


Ahmose came to the throne. Ahmose captured Avaris, the stronghold in the eastern desert, in 1551 B.C.E. The foreigners were expelled and Egypt was reunited.

[ Give us the ancient Egyptian text that identifies these rebels as foreigners ]

[ Is it just as possible that this was a civil war in which any of these people were just trying to divide Egypt to grab power.. no different than the US civil war or Cuba? ]

[ Were these rebels driven out of Egypt or just dispersed / disbanded? ]

Show us the actual ancient text used to make all the claims of the events that took place in that period of time so we can see if this information exist in the text or it has been perverted with information that does not exist. ]


End of this web page.

I do not spank the author of this web page, they are all the same, they collect what people say in a bunch of other web pages and create their own chain of events from the information they have gathered from the internet.

Once they find an interesting story, they begin to take every thing on faith and roll it in sugar.

This particular guy gave all kind of information such as "Kamose stated in an inscription".

OK, fine now show us where that inscription is, let us get it translated so we can see what exactly what Kamose stated.

NO, these web authors do not direct us to any actual information that might exist in ancient text. They direct us only to what they read on some other web site, saw in a book or on TV.

An investigator/archeologist will not view through his looking glass, the flapping tongues of modern day parrots, but he will look to the actual ancient text ..


If any one actually believes this story and would like to actually show us the ancient text in Egypt that presents this information, you can join us in an open debate group and make your case.

Start here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Jews-Uncensored/