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The Egyptians referred to them ( Hyksos) as the Heqa-khasut.

The term heqa-khasut is mentioned on scarabs and inscriptions.


A scarab had the function of a rubber stamp. It was a means to leave an imprint of a signature or logo.

a) Why would the Egyptians make scarabs for foreigners who invaded them?

b) If these invaders could write their own text, why is it only Egyptian text we find about a people identified as 'Hyksos'?


The Egyptians identified THEM as Heqa-khasut.

Americans identified THEM as rebels

Americans identified THEM as Republicans

Americans identified THEM as criminals.

c) Unless THEM is identified as foreigners, Them could be any subset of Egyptians.


d) If the word Hyksos simply translates to foreigners, then in the text of Egyptian accounts with others ... Hittites, Syrians, Akkadians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans it would be likely for the word Heqa-khasut applied to all foreigners.


e) If the word heqa-khasut means rif-raf, undesirables, criminals then it does not identify any people from other lands.


 Khnumhotep II. A nobleman who lived in Dynasty 12

"In the tomb of Khnumhotep II at Beni Hasan is a large wall painting showing Asiatics migrating into Egypt"


There are dozens of not hundreds of images of people and animals on the walls of Egyptian tombs.

f) Are we to assume in every image of people and animals on the walls of the tombs that is a picture of people of people migrating to Egypt?

g) Does a hieroglyph in this image state this is a migration to Egypt, or is this a concoction of an "Egyptologist" to embellish their story?

... Duh what would the word "Asiatic" mean to Egyptians? On a map outline the people included in "Asiatics". The Egyptians could have no concept of such a word, it could only mean NON Egyptian.


"The tomb of Khnumhotep II, The term heqa-khasut is in the inscription." I've circled in red the hieroglyphic spelling of HKA-xAswt, What the Greeks would later render as "Hyksos." The term simply means "foreign rulers," which is what the Egyptians called them"


This image has an assembly of people with livestock

h) If the caption says foreign rulers, were all of them rulers?

i) If the caption says foreign ruler, then which one of them is THE ruler?


"Khnumhotep's servants weighing the grain" is one caption I have found..

j) Instead of picking out one symbol, how about some one listing every symbol, it's meaning and the translation of all hieroglyphs on that wall?


It is enlightening to look at the hours of WW2 films and see the trenches of naked 'Jews' with their lily white skin and have them assert:

* They are descendants of the Israelites

* The images in the tomb of Khnumhotep were Israelites.

... and while the European 'Jews' are as white as all other Europeans, the painting said to be Israelites in the tomb of Khnumhotep are NON whites... the same as the other Egyptians painted in that tomb.


White skin Europeans calling themselves Jews

descendants of a non white race?

"Israelites depicted in the tomb of Khnumhotep"