Friday, July 10, 2009


Hyksos-056 ==============
It appears the story is. The Hyksos were the Israelites. So far I can not get a straight answer out of the guy who first introduced Hyksos to our group.
056a Do you (who are interested in the Hyksos), claim the Israelites were the Hyksos? Yes or No?
056b Does Josephus make the claim the Hyksos were Israelites, Yes or no?
* Hyksos means foreign rulers.
* Hyksos means king shepherds.
* Hyksos means foreign chiefs.
* Hyksos means foreigners.
* Hyksos means shepherd kings.
Here is a link that list an array of what people say Hyksos means
In the actual Egyptian text Hyksos will never be found.
Hypothetical characters on our demo wall
#$%^*& ,<- Pretend hieroglyphic word shepherd kings

056c  If any one tells you that any information about Hyksos is actually found in something the Egyptians wrote, they can direct you to the wall in Egypt and show you the text with the Egyptian word #$%^*& in it.

056d  If the Egyptian word that translates to Hyksos is no where on the wall where they say there is information about Hyksos, they are full of themselves.

056e Many times words are generic, say the Egyptian word foreigners. This could not be used to identify Hyksos because every non Egyptian on every side of them would could be the foreigners in the context.

056f Let me step over the line here: It is my assertion that there are no statues in all of Egypt that has any text identifying it as a Hyksos. Now prove me wrong, show us.


056g On this page they wrote "The word "Hyksos" comes from heka khasewet, which means "foreign rulers".. gee wouldn't that include Cushites, Canaanites, Babylonians, Persians, Philistines... wouldn't that include every nation, tribe outside of Egypt?