Thursday, July 30, 2009



One wrote:

The earlier Hyksos - as mentioned by kmt-sesh - referred to themselves as heqa khasut.


So far I have not seen any ancient text in which the hykos were supposed to have written.

What I have seen so far is from the fingers/perspective of Egyptian writers

1 What hieroglyph text of the hyksos do you refer to ?


I have not seen invaders take control of a language and adopt the language of the people.

When the Greeks conquered Egypt, Greek text is found through out ancient Egypt.

When the Romans conquered Egypt, Latin text is found through out Egypt.

Isn't it funny how the hyksos "adopted" the language of the Egyptians, were driven out and where ever they returned, there is not any massive amounts of hieroglyphic text found in the place they went to

NOR is there any ancient text in Canaan, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi, Iran or Iraq from any people who told how they / their ancestors were driven out of Egypt?

Are we to believe some 'advanced' population invaded Egypt and they had no language of their own?

Are we to believe in the century.. centuries what ever time they were there, they did not write any text about the events that was going on?

Other than the possibility that all the players were Egyptians, why wouldn't these invading rulers write any thing about themselves in their own language or the language of the Egyptians?