Monday, July 13, 2009


Hyksos-020 ========================

The mythical Hyksos are said to have lived about 1600 years BC

Pharaoh Ahmes expelled them out of Egypt. Recorded by an ancient author who lived at the time of Ahmes. His name or none of his work exists.

Centuries after the Hyksos were expelled the Ptolemaic Egyptian writer Manetho wrote about the events that took place centuries before he was born. NONE of his text exists.

A thousand years after the death of Manetho (who got his info from a thousand year hearsay), the author Josephus wrote his hearsay account. NONE of his text exists.

We hear this mythical story from European Rabbis who, Get their stories from European Rabbis. Yes we can find the names of European rabbis who tell this story but NONE of them claim to have the actual text of the original authors.

With out the tales of European wabbis, no one would ever have heard of any thing such as Hyksos. NONE of the information about Hyksos comes from text found in ancient Egypt.

European 'Jews' NOT Egyptians are the ONLY authors the Hyksos caper can be traced to.