Thursday, July 30, 2009



It looks like Mesopotamia is a label that loosely defines the north east areas of the lands mentioned in the bible. Iraq appears to be the hub.

I do not know the specifics, but I am guessing that the Egyptians had conflicts with multiple tribes from Mesopotamia before the Hyksos accounts.

I would guess the Egyptians had conflicts with multiple tribes in Canaan... and

I would guess that the Egyptians traveled to these other lands in Mesopotamia and Canaan long before the Hyksos accounts.

Camel routes, Conflict, travel, trade of Egyptians with multiple lands to the north for centuries before the accounts of the Hyksos.

Is this guess based on facts you are aware of ?

What known interaction did Egyptians have with empires/lands to the north before the accounts of the Hyksos began?


Back in the days BC, there were no patent offices. When any one saw an idea or invention, they could copy it and sell any gadget.


Archaeological discoveries have upset theories of bronze technologies. It was believed bronze originated in the Middle East, but discoveries near Ban Chiang, Thailand it existed early as 4500 bc.

This preceded the working of bronze in the Middle East by several hundred years. Bronze objects have been found in Asia Minor that date from before 3000 BC.


Hmmm, is it possible that technology be discovered in different parts of the world and it could not be known where any population got their own ideas?

Bronze objects were found in Asia Minor before 3000 BC.

The Hyksos accounts did not start until around 1700 BC. If the Egyptians had been interacting with any populations outside of Egypt in the previous 1300 years, they could have seen bronze making and brought it back to Egypt with them.


With the Egyptians interacting with tribes, nations, people from Mesopotamia for centuries, if others had these innovations centuries before, what makes any one believe the Egyptians got their ideas from these johnny come latelys?

Before any one could conclude the "Hyksos" invented any of these things, they better first identify who the "Hyksos" were, then go to that area of (where they came from) and provide evidence those things are found there first.

It appears these Hyksos invented all of the innovations in Asia, the Egyptians copied them, then when the Hyksos were driven out, they escaped in their flying saucer because none of the "expert Egyptologist" have any evidence where they vanished to.