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HYK-Ahmose- autobiography

Exhibit: Ahmose son of Ebana, - autobiography

The information here comes from a heiroglyph in the tomb of Ahmose. It is located in El-kab on the west side of the Nile, south of the valley of The Valley of the Kings.

Nubians/Cushite information is irrelative. The point is to establish foreign rulers of Egypt "THAT CAME FROM CANAAN"Unless there is some thing in the Nubin segments that deal with the "Hyksos" that is a moot point

Upper/Lower Egypt is confusing. I will used search and replace upper with south and lower with north

Let's take one of your links at a time.


From the page you gave: Ahmose son of Ebana, - autobiography

I have numbered the lines of the translation for referenceAhmose, son of Ebana, was an officer in the Egyptian army during the end of the 17th Dynasty to the beginning of the 18th Dynasty. He originally came from Elkab in Southern Egypt, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his father, Baba, and become a soldier (Baba served under Seqenenre Tao II in the early campaigns against the Hyksos). Ahmose spent most of his military life serving aboard the king's fleet - he was to fight at Avaris, at Sharuhen in Palestine and in Nubia during the service of Ahmose I (Ahmose son of Ebana was to receive many honours for his bravery in battle from the king). Ahmose left the accounts of battles in his tomb,
0001 'I rest in the tomb which I have made'

His career stretched from the reigns of Seqenenre Tao II to Tuthmosis I.
The Crew Commander Ahmose son of Abana.' the justified; he says.

0002 I speak to you, all people. I let you know what
0003 favours came to me. I have been rewarded with gold
0004 seven times in the sight of the whole land, with
0005 male and female slaves as well. I have been
0006 endowed with very many fields. The name of the
0007 brave man is in that which he has done; it will
0008 not perish in the land forever.


0009 I grew up in the town of Nekheb, my father being a
0010 soldier of the King of Southern and Northern
0011 Egypt, Segenenre, the justified. Baba son of
0012 Reonet was his name. I became a soldier in his
0013 stead on the ship "The Wild Bull" in the time of
0014 the Lord of the Two Lands, Nebpehtire, the
0015 justified. I was a youth who had not married; I
0016 slept in . .


0017 Now when I had established a household, I was
0018 taken to the ship "Northern", because I was brave.
0019 I followed the sovereign on foot when he rode
0020 about on his chariot.
0021 When the town of Avaris was besieged, I fought
0022 bravely on foot in his majesty's presence.
0023 Thereupon I was appointed to the ship "Rising in
0024 Memphis." Then there was fighting on the water in
0025 "Pjedku" of Avaris. I made a seizure and carried
0026 off a hand. When it was reported to the royal
0027 herald the gold of valour was given to me.
0028 Then they fought again in this place; I again made
0029 a seizure there and carried off a hand.
0030 Then I was given the gold of valour once again.
0031 Then there was fighting in Egypt to the south of
0032 this town. and I carried off a man as a living
0033 captive. I went down into the water-for he was
0034 captured on the city side-and crossed the water
0035 carrying him. When it was reported to the royal
0036 herald I was rewarded with gold once more.
0037 Then Avaris was despoiled, and I brought spoil
0038 from there: one man, three women; total, four
0039 persons. His majesty gave them to me as slaves.
0040 Then Sharahen was besieged for three years. His
0041 majesty despoiled it and I brought spoil from it:
0042 two women and a hand. Then the gold of valour was
0043 given me, and my captives were given to me as
0044 slaves.


0045 Then Aata came to the South. His fate brought on
0046 his doom. The gods of Southern Egypt grasped him.
0047 He was found by his majesty at Tent-taa. His
0048 majesty carried him off as a living captive, and
0049 all his people as booty. I brought two young
0050 warriors as captives from the ship of Aata. Then I
0051 was given five persons and portions of land
0052 amounting to five arurae in my town. The same was
0053 done for the whole crew.
0054 Then came that foe named Tetian. He had gathered
0055 the malcontents to himself. His majesty slew him;
0056 his troop was wiped out. Then I was given three
0057 persons and five arurae of land in my town.


0058 After this (his majesty) proceeded to Retjenu, to
0059 vent his wrath throughout the lands. When his
0060 majesty reached Nahrin, his majesty found that foe
0061 marshalling troops. Then his majesty made a great
0062 slaughter of them. Countless were the living
0063 captives which his majesty brought back from his
0064 victories. Now I was in the van of our troops, and
0065 his majesty saw my valour. I brought a chariot,
0066 its horse, and him who was on it as a living
0067 captive. When they were presented to his majesty,
0068 I was rewarded with gold once again.
0069 I have grown old; I have reached old age. Favoured
0070 as before, and loved [by my lord], I [rest] in the
0071 tomb that I myself made.

A list of people and places in the context below

Aata - a rebel from Nubia ???

Abana - mother of Ahmose.

Ahmose - Also the name of one of the pharaohs

Ahmose - military man who served several kings.

Avaris - capital of the kingdom based in the Delta.

Avaris - In ancient egyptian the name is written Hutweret.Avaris may be a later Greek version of the name.

Baba - Father of Ahmose (military man)

Ebana - mother of Ahmose (military man)Elkab - City in the south of Egypt

Hyksos - modern name for the people from Avaris (Hutweret)

Nahrin - Name for Mesopotamia

Nebpehtire - other name for Pharaoh Ahmose (pharaohs had up to 5 different names)

Nekheb - City near Elkab in the South

Nubia - Modern term for the country to the south of EgyptNubin ????

Pjedku - Padjedku was the name of a canal in Avaris

Pjedku - named in the auto biography of Ahmose son of Ebana

Reonet - grandmother of Ahmose

Retjenu - area in the middle east

Seqenenre - Ruler of Thebes

Sharuhen - A fort / settlement in the middle east.

Tetian - Nubian rebel I think

Thutmose - Tuthmosis name of 4 different pharaohs