Monday, July 27, 2009

HYK-Why Hyksos?

Why Hyksos?

There are so many empires out of the north east area of the lands mentioned in the bible... India, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria .. I guess I will use the word Mesopotamia... as the massive area where all of these empires existed.

While the "experts" argue when the Hyksos were in Egypt, we can look at the dynasties of Egypt and know..

NO matter which "Expert" is right (if any), we know that Egypt existed centuries BEFORE and centuries AFTER the supposed Hyksos came to Egypt.

We know that bronze, cross bows.. we know that these innovations existed through out Mesopotamia through out multiple empires these things were being used.

Why would any one attribute any innovations in Egypt to the Hyksos, when the Egyptians had been trading, in wars and interacting with an array of Mesopotamia empires centuries before the supposed Hyksos ever got there?

Why would any one attribute any invention to the Hyksos when other Mesopotamia more well known, greater empires had been using them for centuries.

*  The innovations attributed to the Hyksos never existed in Mesopotamia until the Hyksos created them all.

*  The innovations attributed to the Hyksos existed through out Mesopotamia for centuries before the Hyksos were supposed to enter Egypt.

*  The Egyptians were interacting with an array of Mesopotamia empires can could have got their methods from any of them.


With the vast array of empires Egypt had interacted with for centuries, why would any one attribute any inventions/innovations to a minor group out of the massive Mesopotamia empire?

The difference I am aware of, there are actually Egyptian records of their encounters with Mesopotamia empires, Hittites and Canaanites.