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Empire vs immigrant farmer herders

What is recorded in the hieroglyphs of the north in the period the Hyksos are said to have ruled?


No historian believes that the 'Hyksos ruled Egypt'......their power was limited to Lower Egypt, specifically the Delta areas, for most of their 'rule'......Most of the ancient area of Egypt was actually 'ruled' by the Theban nobility, which can be traced to ancient Nekhen.
The 'Hyksos' [anglicized transliteration] may have lived in the delta area for 100 yrs., but they never 'ruled' all of Egypt at any time


* If you looked at the tombs of northern Egypt in the time line when the 'Hyksos' were said to have ruled, who did the Egyptians who lived in that period write about on their walls?

* If you looked at the list of all the Egyptian Kings that existed during the time period when the 'Hyksos' were supposed to be there, how many Egyptian rulers would you find between the 12th and 18th Dynasty?

Tracking who ruled in what dynasty is hard because there are so many spellings and different names for the same ruler, but here is a list from one site


Other than Egyptian rulers there are named military leaders, the names of people in the royalty ... You can't be part of any royalty unless you are connected to some kind of kingdom. You can't be the military leader unless you serve some nation.

In northern Egypt.. in the period of the supposed Hyksos, how many Egyptian tombs record the existence of Egyptian kings, Egyptian royalty, Egyptian military leaders in northern Egypt?

( Here I am on a fishing trip. If the evidence of Egyptian rule in the north during this period is recorded by Egyptians, then those who know such things will be able to issue this challenge)



As far as I have seen, these enemy recorded in different time lines and different places have no evidence connecting them. Their ideas may have been like a segment of immigrants who came to America, joined with those of like mind and hoped to cut out a portion of the land to create their own state.



After the grave robbers broke into fortified places such as the pyramids, it appears that the Egyptian rulers moved their power south.

When the political hub exist in one area, their tentacles place royal representatives in other areas to rule in their behalf.

Pylons, stela, tombs ... of northern Egypt, in the time line of the 'Hyksos', Did the Egyptians record accounts of Egyptian rulers, royalty, military leaders who thrived in the north, during the supposed period of the Hyksos control?

You who know of the content of the hieroglyphs of northern Egypt, in this time line can respond to this. IF records of Egyptian rulers in control of northern Egypt during 'the Hyksos period', then be sure to let me know.


Alexandria vs Immigrants
Empire vs immigrant farmer herders

Alexander for example, conquered many cities yet continued to leave the original government (subjected to him of course) in power to continue their rule.

I think the bottom line for most of these types of invaders was that they were to receive the taxes and fealty in place of the last sorry sucker who was in charge.


In the example of Alexandria, you are correct. That is how empires worked.

a) They would move into an area ... if there was no resistance, then they would keep or place their puppet leaders local government to send payments to the empire hub.

b) They would take healthy men from those areas to build up their military and move on to the next place.

... The snow ball would keep on rolling and the empire would keep growing.


In the accounts of the 'Hyksos' they were not an empire, but they were settlers, shepherds/herders.

They did not take control by military force, but they brought their families and their clans lived in the land of Egypt.

Alexandria story = an account of an expanding empire
Hyksos story = an account of a mass migration of families that settled in Egypt to work with their own hands, raise their flocks/live stock and live off the land.