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After I stated that foreign could be Hittites, Canaanites, Babylonians.... and so on, the response was some of the groups I listed had not yet been encountered.

The point is members of any group using the term foreign, means some one belonging to a nation/land other than their own.

The people of the nations that the Egyptians did encounter through the centuries did not just pop up like mushrooms.

The Egyptians were surrounded with foreigners on every side. (Regardless of what the Egyptians called them), The word foreign does NOT specifically identify who those foreigners were.

The word foreign is open and could have been any of the non Egyptian populations at one time and another population at different times.


Greeks ... Phoenicians who were their ancestors before men 4000 years later began to identify them?

This is not to identify who the Hyksos were (in this account). The thought only came from the account of Ahmose being in charge of a ship in the battle. Avaris being on a river near the Mediterranean sea.

It would appear the foreigners in this conflict came by sea, so my thoughts were who were well known people of the sea.


Translation is not the exchange of words, but to render the same meaning into a language of a specific population.. in this case English.

When people translate to a particular language, they must use words that contain the same meaning as the original language.

IF the translators actually translated this word to English:

American Heritage Dictionary : Foreign : 1. Located away from one's native country. 2. Of, characteristic of, or from a place or country other than the one being considered. 3. Conducted or involved with other nations or governments; not domestic. 4. Situated in an abnormal or improper place in the body and typically introduced from outside. 5. Not natural; alien. 6. Not germane; irrelevant. 7. Subject to the jurisdiction of another political unit. -
Foreigner is not a proper noun.

The girls jumped rope ... girls common noun, foreigners common noun

Peggy jumped rope.. Peggy proper noun.

There were a lot of foreigners at the convention.. foreigners common noun.

There were a lot of Germans at the convention.. Germans proper noun.

A proper noun is specific and identifies ONLY one group, one individual.

THE Statue of Liberty.

The Egyptians were surrounded with foreigners, no matter when what nations formed by our identification there were hoards of people through out the middle east.

IF the word Hyksos means foreign rulers.. it simply meant to Egyptians

NON-Egyptian rulers.

The English meaning of foreign actually means what one is NOT

Foreign = they are not one of us.. they do not belong to our nation.

Foreign does not identify one for what they specifically are, but

HKA-xAst The Non Egyptian-rulers

Foreign identifies what they are not.

Foreign alien, outsider, NON Egyptian.

Unless you intend to change the meaning of the English word it was translated to


There are two meanings in the word they translate from "Hyksos"

(1) Foreign (2) Rulers

Below is a symbol I have been shown, the experts translate to Hyksos / HKA-xAst

Let's begin and first ask

1  Which of symbols (a, b, c) contain the meaning foreign.

2  Which of symbols (a, b, c) contain the meaning rulers.

3  or, are you telling me, you could not take part of those symbols to represent the meaning foreign?

4  This is a one time symbol, no parts of this symbol have ever been found in any other Egyptian text?