Monday, August 31, 2009


 HYK-Retreat direction.

The direction of retreat is not evidence of the point of origin.


Ahmose drove the Hyksos as far as Sharuhen, which, being at the
southernmost tip of Canaan

The hieroglyph use in the stela for 'Hyksos' is different than the hieroglyph used by Hatshepsut.

The hieroglyph used by Hatshepsut is different than the hieroglyph in Kamose

... There are about a half dozen ancient text said to be speaking about the same population of people and yet NONE of them use the same hieroglyphic words for 'Hyksos' or "Asiatic"

The words used by these Egyptian authors are as different as our English words, Chinese, Mexican, German, Eskimo or Africa ... and yet in all references to any enemy with different hieroglyphic spellings, the experts tell us :

The different hieroglyphic words all mean Asiatic.

The different hieroglyphic words all mean Hyksos?

In our language when we read accounts of encounters with Mexicans, British, Germans, Spaniards.. different words indicate different populations.

How do the experts determine the Egyptians were using all the different spellings to identify the same populations?


Ahmose drove the Hyksos as far as Sharuhen, which, being at the
southernmost tip of Canaan

Ahmose drove an unidentified group as far as Sharuhen, which, being at the
southernmost tip of Canaan

The lines drawn on the modern map of what is now called Israel, is not the borders of ancient Egypt (which reached into what is now called Israel)

The Sharuhen of many Egyptian maps are on the Sinai peninsula, but the Sharuhen on my Deluxe map maker with all references shows the Sharuhen of Egypt to be located about 100 miles south of Cairo, on the Nile river. (maybe the experts identified the place with the wrong Egyptian city)

Ok according to the Ahmose, the unidentified group was driven to one of these white dots.


* Being driven in a specific direction does not mean that is where a military group came from. Any one who has read about any battles, can see which direction the retreat was. When one side decides they must retreat, they move in the direction that would get them out of harm's way.

If this an unidentified group was forced to retreat because they were in a losing battle, they could not retreat by going toward the Egyptians.


Not just the Canaanites, but all the empires/tribes from Syria, Mesopotamia, Saudi Arabia, Hittites... Any army/traders from the north or east of Egypt would have came through the Sinai peninsula (where Ahmoses was said to have driven this unidentified group.

The direction any army retreats to, does NOT identify where they originally came from.

To speculate this unidentified group came from Canaan based on them being driven to Sharuhen, is quite the froggy leap.

Sharuhen would be the gate way to all empires north and east of Egypt