Friday, August 14, 2009



My ol daddy used to say, if you throw enough shit on the ceiling, some of it will stick.

The lesson being, no matter how worthless information is, if enough of it is blabbed, sooner or later, people will begin to believe it.

This appears to be the method of "Egyptologist", when they assert foreigners ruled ancient Egypt.

This papyrus, that stone tablet or the painting on that wall states the Hyksos ruled Egypt.

If they throw enough rumors out there to the public, it will stick, it has stuck.


When there are many areas where some thing could be hidden, RANDOM SAMPLING can be used.

If you hear of multiple sources of hieroglyphs revealing the Hyksos ruled Egypt, just pick one of them and check it out.

If you are reading this, you are reading the English language. No matter if you do or do not read hieroglyphs, when you read the assertions about what is written in the hieroglyphs, you are reading it in the English language, so how do you know if what you are reading in the English language actually exists in the hieroglyphs?


Almost all of the people who write this stuff about Hyksos have no ability to read hieroglyphs. All of these web page / book parrots, only repeat what they have read.

IF the persons at the top of the chain, those who made the translations that thousands parrot ....

IF the persons who translated that information to English, can actually translate hieroglyphs, they can show their work ( just like you were required to show your work in solving math problems in school), if these "Egyptologist" have actually made a valid translation, they can show you how they arrived at that translation.

As far as any one claiming to know what the ancient Egyptian language sounded like that is laughable. There is a sound we associate with the letters of the alphabet.. 26 characters. Do you suppose the Egyptians had a different sound for their hundreds of characters... Duh !

The only thing I disagree is the changing of sequence in translation from left to right. I think it would be easy to read right to left and would be good practice for any one who might attempt to read hieroglyphs.


I found a great example of how a hieroglyphic transcribe could show their work on a PBS web site. (except I kept the translation reading from right to left)


a) IF / When any one stated any particular hieroglyphic source stated any information, they would have to have seen an image of it or the original piece.

b) They could tell you where that original hieroglyph is now (if it was movable)

The hieroglyphic might have lots of information not relative to the point or assertion

c) The lines of the hieroglyphic would have to be numbered and extracted, line at a time to be translated.

d) They could show the line where that information is written:

On Line #5, reading right to left, the glyphs on this line

Below the full line of glyphs on that line, the word translation for each cluster

At the bottom the translation of the clusters combined (right to left)

... you never will I 


Now in the random sampling, write down the assertions or points being made that you are investigating.

*  The Hyksos settled in northern Egypt.

*  The Hyksos ruled northern Egypt.

(a) Show us an image of the original hieroglyph, (b) tell us where the original exists today, (c) number the lines, (d) show me the lines where this information is written.


When you see the original hieroglyphs and it's translation to your own language, then consider what the meaning is in your own language.

The act of an invasion or war, does not define who rules a land area. It only verifies there is a fight over that land.

Iraq invaded Kuwait, but the victorious invasion did not mean that Iraq ruled Kuwait.

The take over of any country is not established until AFTER the original government/population gives up and the outsiders take over and rule the population.

If / When invaders attack, and a war goes on for months, even years, if it is the invaders who are driven out, they were NEVER rulers of that country, they were only invaders.


In the stories of the 'Hyksos', we hear they ruled over a century. We do read of fights the Egyptians had with UNIDENTIFIED enemy, but no where do we read that those enemy ever ruled Egypt. This fairy tale comes from the assumption that fighting/invasions means the same thing as ruling.


The British migrated to South Africa and ruled the Africans for decades.


Germany waged attacks on Britain for multiple years. The fact that there was a war does NOT mean that Germany ruled Britain.

If the outsiders come by migration or by military invasion, in which a war proceeds, those outsiders are NOT rulers based on the fights that follow. If the outsiders are driven out of the land, there were NEVER rulers, only clowns who's attempt to seize power failed.


"If you throw enough shit on the ceiling, some of it will stick."

If you have been reading about 'Hyksos' for a while you have seen the multiple sources they site to spin their story. You may not be able to look at all of them, so make a random sample.

Pick one hieroglyphic source they site, find an image of the source and some one who claims to read hieroglyphics, then have them show you the exact line which makes this point.

The internet is full of people who talk about events that took place, but if they do NOT read hieroglyphs themselves, they don't know any thing more than you. If they do not read hieroglyphics, they are just puppeting hearsay information from others who are as ignorant about hieroglyphics.

(It is true because some 'expert' said... ) If any one states any events took place in ancient Egypt and there is no hieroglyphics to support that statement, it is nothing but the left overs of the shit that stuck to the ceiling. If that person is an expert, they can show you what hieroglyphic and exactly what line it is written.

Find one person who can show you the actual hieroglyph and the exact lines in that hieroglyph which:

*  Identify the people as Hyksos.

*  State that Hyksos ruled (not fought) the Egyptians.