Tuesday, August 11, 2009



The battles of the Egyptians may have been over decades or centuries, but with out any ancient text to identify who they were fighting, the 'experts' declare all enemies of the Egyptians to be 'Hyksos'
Evidence through imagination, I guess !

No where in the accounts of Ahmose, is Avaris ever identified as "the capital of the Hyksos" this hog wash, is more concoctions based on imagination, instead of hieroglyphs.

The conflicts at Avaris are not tied to any other conflicts through Egyptian hieroglyphics, nor are the enemy at Avaris ever identified as 'Hyksos'

The text in the accounts of Ahmose does indicate the naval battles. The rivers that come from the Mediterranean sea are the doors to the northern cities of Egypt.

Unless the hieroglyphs actually identify any one specifically, the wind of the 'experts' is the same if it comes from their mouth or the back of their pants. The information left by the Egyptians are in the hieroglyphs, and the fabrications of the 'experts' is but a fart in the wind.

Looks like Ahmose spent a lot of time fighting in naval battles. The entry point of these invaders was not through the Sinai, from Canaan, but it was on the river that flows from the sea.

Remember the whole story of 'Hyksos' were they were farmers/shepherds that came to settle in Egypt. To believe the battles at Avaris was with the 'Hyksos', you would have to believe a bunch of farmers/herders settled in Egypt, then formed a fleet of ships to battle the Egyptians.. Duh