Tuesday, August 4, 2009



Translators want the world to think the Hyksos belonged to the white race?

Kamose Inscriptions


His majesty spoke in his palace to the council of nobles who were in his retinue: 'Let me understand what this strength of mine is for! (One) prince is in Avaris, another is in Ethiopia, and (here) I sit associated with an Asiatic and a Negro! Each man has his slice of this Egypt, dividing up the land with me.


This inscription is supposed to be from the prospective of an Egyptian

Asiatic - Asian / Negro ... these are references to race.

Would the Egyptians actually call any of their neighbors Negroes or Asians if the Egyptians were nothing BUT a composite of Negroes and Asians ?

Below the Mediterranean sea is the beginning of the Asian race.

Kids in villages of Iraq (descendants of ancient Mesopotamians)

* Asians are a different race than West Europeans.

* Asians are a different race than Negroes

The Asian race begins in the areas of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and spreads into Egypt.

Egypt is the melting point between the Negro and Asian races.

Other than the images in The Valley of The Kings, is the physical remains of the ancient Egyptians.

On the opposite side of the Nile river are mass graves of the common Egyptians.

The graves of the ancient Egyptians are not composed of Anglo Saxons, nor Chinese, nor Eskimos.

The graves of the ancient Egyptians are a composite of Asians and Negroes.


Today you will find a crock pot of white European descendants along with the original Asians and Negroes.. but what would you expect after 3000 years of European invasions.

Look at the sea of black native Americans in the early photos and look in the populations of NY, Oklahoma... in the places where there were nothing but black skin people, now is a pot luck of blacks, yellows and whites.

It only took 300 years to change the face of the American population. In Asia, Europeans have been polluting their gene pool for 3000 years.

The closest you can get to seeing the faces of the original natives is to go into isolated areas where outsider mix with them.

When I worked in Egypt in Alexandria, I saw mostly the Asian Race. As I went south to Cairo, the Negro population increased.

We had a project on the Red Sea and we traveled from Cairo through vast areas of nothing but sand, when we came to an isolated village and stopped for fuel, there was nothing but black faces.

When I got out and looked around, the villagers looked at me as if I were an alien. Unlike the populations along the tourist areas, these isolated Egyptians had never seen a white face, blond hair human.


Why would the ancient Egyptians identify their neighbors as Negroes or Asians when the Egyptians were nothing BUT Asians and Negroes themselves?

Kamose Inscriptions I sit associated with an Asiatic and a Negro! ... BS

In the first place, Kamose was dead, this was supposed to be what some one after his death, wrote in his stead.

The actual words of the Egyptians would not to be to identify any one by race, the same race as themselves.

The red outline includes the descendants of the Asians and Negroes that composed the Egyptians and the natives of Mesopotamia, Hittites ... south to the Cushites/Sudan.

Why do these BSERS falsely translate " Kamose Inscriptions I sit associated with an Asiatic and a Negro" by race? Could it be that those who tell the Hyksos Myth, would have the world to believe the Hyksos belonged to the white European race?

What was the race of the Egyptians and all they encountered (before Europeans began to invade)? It is not what I say, but it is what the DNA of the natives of the middle east reveals. This is a matter for anthropologist, not Hollywood film makers who paint the faces of the actors.

Why would "anthropologist/Egyptologist" translate these hieroglyphs as the identification by race?