Saturday, August 8, 2009



In a private message one wrote:

... I saw was your confusion about farmers and all of them being rulers, which I never said.
... The word on this wall in hieroglyphs is HKA-xAst, meaning "foreign ruler." It is not the plural HKA-xAswt. The caption is referring specifically to the man below whom the glyphs appear. Is was the leader of these migrants.
... The tomb dates to Dynasty 12. The Hyksos did not rule Egypt till Dynasty 15. ... What I was showing was the earliest evidence for these Canaanite migrants because you had said that all material related to the Hyksos came a long time afterward.

In multiple web sites you will find them translating the hieroglyph as foreign rulers.

I made a fuss because it would be unlikely that a group would all be rulers.

This guy corrected it and said the hieroglyph is plural and only applies to the man below the glyph.

This particular guy and others also say it is an image of Canaanites migrating into Egypt.

The wall is full of themes, a whole bunch of them are about farmers. I would suggest they begin to read the context of all the hieroglyphics around that one and see what information exists in what is happening.

#1 Show the hieroglyph translation that this is a migration into Egypt .. or

#2 Is that information just added from the imagination of "experts"?

There are endless contradictions of centuries of when events took place: From this particular web site..

12th Dynasty 1991-1782 BC

15th Dynasty 1650-1550 BC

Let's just say 200 years between the 12th and 15th dynasty

This person wrote that the event depicted in this image took place in the 12th dynasty and the Hyksos did not rule until the 15th dynasty... and yet by his translation of the hieroglyph one of the men shown is identified as a foreign ruler.

#3 If these people were identified as foreign rulers when they did NOT rule Egypt, doesn't that mean the term foreign ruler does NOT mean they were rulers of Egypt?

All the images I can find are blurry, small, grainy.. nasty. If you know of a better screen shot of this scene, let me know.

So this 12th Dynasty hieroglyphs is "HKA-xAst, meaning "foreign ruler."

And of course because they were called foreign rulers when they did not rule Egypt, this term could mean they were rulers in the places they came from.