Tuesday, August 11, 2009

HYK-Egyptians-were-invading Lebanon

HYK-Egyptians-were-invading Lebanon

Hmmm, in the time line the 'Hyksos' were supposed to be ruling northern Egypt, the Egyptians were conquering Lebanon/Phoenicians?


Phoenicia, an area along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, now identified as Lebanon.

Bound on the east by the Lebanon Mountains. The southern boundary was Mount Carmel; the northern boundary Eleutherus River/ Kabir.


Phoenicia was not a unified state but a group of city-kingdoms. The most important of these cities were Simyra, Zarephath (Sarafand), Byblos, Jubeil, Arwad (Rouad), Acco ('Akko), Sidon (Sayda), Tripolis (Tripoli), Tyre (Sur), and Berytus (Beirut).

The most dominant were Tyre and Sidon, which alternated as sites of the ruling power.

The Phoenicians, called Sidonians in the Old Testament and Phoenicians by the Greeks They founded their first settlements on the Mediterranean coast about 2500 bc.

---> Existed as early as 2500 BC

They were influenced by the Sumerian and Akkadian cultures.

About 1800 bc Egypt, was then beginning to acquire an empire in the Middle East, invaded and took control of Phoenicia.

Around 1400 bc Hittite raids on Egyptian weakened the Egyptians giving the Phoenician cities an opportunity to revolt.

By about 1200 bc the Phoenicians were independent of Egypt.


2500 Physicians spread along the Mediterranean coast

1991-1782 BC 12th Dynasty "Hyksos" migrate to Egypt

1800 Egypt began to spread, taking control of Phoenicia

1550-1295 BC 18th Dynasty "Hyksos" expelled by Egyptians

1400 Hittites launch raids on Egypt.

1200 Phoenicians were rid of Egypt

As far as I have seen any one identified with the hieroglyph Hyksos is not fount 10 times in the massive amounts of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Physicians and Hittites appear to have actual hieroglyph to support their conflicts with the Egyptians. Some one knowledgeable on these people will have to verify or challenge this information.

In the period where 'Egyptologist' state the Hyksos ruled northern Egypt, the Egyptians were conquering Phoenicia, according to this dictionary?


You will note in the account of Ahmose / Avaris, the invaders are NEVER identified as "Hyksos", this assumption is based on the imagination of "Egyptologist".

Avaris beside one of the multiple rivers on that spread through northern Egypt from the Mediterranean sea. Sea faring people such as the Phoenicians or Hittites would have entered these rivers to trade with or attack Egyptian cities.

You will note the account of Ahmose deals with a naval battle, it would appear that the invasion described in the accounts of Ahmose is an account of invaders who came by sea.

It is interesting to observe that in the time line the Hyksos were supposed to have ruled the north of Egypt, the Egyptians were invading the Phoenicians ... as far as Lebanon.