Sunday, September 13, 2009


Vague speech / letters


Tonight (Sep 12, 2009) they had a segment about the rage of tennis players and reported a great deal of the controversy can no longer be spouted because of the camera system that takes away human judgment. Photography / instant replay in football has also provided the exact way events took place and removed the error of human judgment

Though photography can be faked, it remains a valuable tool in court, because a faked photo would prove the intent forge false evidence. On the stand a witness can blubber around and try to be misleading, but when they present a photo, they are being precise.

It is a common practice for some one to provide photos to prove the amount of damaged property.

Can you imagine some one going into a court room and presenting their sketched interpretation of the damage instead of a photo?


1827 Frenchman Joseph Nicphore Nipce

On 13 April 1841 The Australasian Chronicle announced the arrival of the daguerreotype in New South Wales:

  • Abraham Lincoln, 1860
  • Mathew Brady
  • Salted-paper print, 3.4"x2.1"
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Image No. NPG.96.179


Why do we read about all the Egyptologist in the early 1900s sketching the images in the tombs instead of photographing them?


I am guessing 99% of all who will ever read this page are not professional Egyptologist.. just the average bear like the rest of us.

I doubt if 10% of you have ever been to Egypt and if you have, you spent two weeks or less on a tour that was all planned out where you would stop and how long you would be in any particular location.

If you studied hieroglyphics for a long time before your trip and actually memorized all the glyphs, on your stop at each location, you may have seen lots of hieroglyphs.

Do you also have a photographic memory?

If you did have all the glyphs memorized and you have a photographic memory of what words were on each hieroglyphic source you saw, then you still only have the knowledge of the hieroglyphs you saw and memorized on your tour.


Where do the masses (including those who call themselves Egyptologist) get their information about hieroglyphics.

* You get it by reading what some one else wrote about the hieroglyph ... or

* You get your information from seeing photos you (or some one else) took photos of the hieroglyphs.


When people create the web pages about 'Hyksos' they site this source and that source.. but they never show a photo of the original source.

BEFORE any one translated any thing to hieroglyphics they either went to Egypt and sat in front of each source translating it, OR they made their translation from photos.

IF any information actually exists in a photo of any hieroglyphic, then those who know where it is can

a) Identify the source.. show us a photo of what you were looking at.

b) Show what line from the top their information is found.

I keep on reading things about what the Hyksos did in ancient Egypt, but the only way any one would know this is, if it is written in the hieroglyphics (and the only people who were writing the hieroglyphics in the tombs were the Egyptians)

* Show us the source and give us the line from the top where the Egyptians wrote "The Hyksos ruled northern Egypt"

* Show us the source and give us the line from the top where the Egyptians wrote "Avaris was the Hyksos capital"

* Show us the source and give us the line from the top where the Egyptians wrote (those modern writers call Hyksos rulers), show us where the Egyptians identified any of them as kings or rulers.

IF any of this information is written by the Egyptians then the 'experts' can show us the source where it is written and the very line it is written on.

Instead of quoting gossip from web authors who copied their gossip from other web authors, show us a photo of your source and where this information is written.

IF it is not written in the hieroglyphics, it is mythology, BS concocted and spread by those who get their info from those who do not have a photo of the source or could not read hieroglyphics, if they did.

Any one who can not point to a photo of the hieroglyphic source and show you what line that information is written on, is no more than a puppet repeating that which they have no knowledge of.