Monday, September 7, 2009



(The images here will be small and hard to read, but the purpose here is to explain the process of entering new sources into an international data base.

The actual images are large enough to see, but you will have to download them from the photo album )

I don't have any hieroglyphic fonts, so this hypothetical story will use Hebrew script.

In this hypothetical tale, when Joseph's brothers entered Egypt, Israel created a stela to record those who entered Egypt from Canaan.

When the stela was discovered, it had cracks and was difficult to read.

The first task in collecting data to enter this information in the international data base

#1 Take the best possible picture with the hieroglyphs being the actual size.

#2 On the left side of the image of the original source, each line would be numbered. (18 is the last numbered line)

Remember this is a hypothetical image of original text, with reference numbers added to each line.