Thursday, September 10, 2009



Deciphering hieroglyphics is still far from an exact science. The Rosette Stone was found over 200 years ago and there is still an ongoing conflict about the translation.

Is the field of Egyptology to include mythology and fairy tales as well?

I suppose it would expedite research if the make believe were branded for what it is and ignored.


In make believe, any one, any time in history can concoct any thing. When it is challenged the ignorant argument is produced. It goes something like this:

There is no evidence of The Lost City of Atlantis.

-Prove it does not exist.

The ignorant argument is based on proving what did not happen, proving the negative.

What you do not know, what you can not prove, is evidence of nothing but your ignorance.

In concocted history any BSER can fabricate any amount of lies they wish and never be caught because * There is no way to go back in history with out a time machine.

Josephus wrote the accounts about the Hyksos.

John Hanna and his wife were abducted by aliens

King Tut played a game similar to bowling.

Moses sold stones he called magic to the Israelites.

No one can prove what did NOT happen .. the stupid argument is based on what can not be proven, ignorance.

Research/Science is not based on ignorance, but research is based on evidence/facts/what can be proven.

Before you could consider the validity of any account, you would first have to look for any supporting evidence.


When a jury finds a defendant guilty or innocent.. guilty = yes they did do the bad thing, not guilty = no, they did not do that thing.

You are on the Judge

Case (A)

Tom was accused of robbery. In his garage the authorities found money bags from the bank

(You would hand the case over to the Jury or throw it out)


Case (B)

George was accused of starting a fire

The accuser was man who said he read in a letter, that a dead man wrote in a letter, that dead man read in another letter of another man who died before him, that George started a fire 20 years ago. (None of the letters existed)

Not a shred of evidence existed. The case was based on what two dead men were supposed to have written, and there is no evidence that those men ever existed.

Neither of the dead men were around when the fire started.

Neither of the letters of the two dead men existed

(You would hand the case over to the Jury or throw it out)


Case (C)

Mike was accused of the murder of his wife. (He claimed to have been out of town at the time)

On his computer they found searches how to murder and get away with it.

On the murder weapon they found his prints.

On his shoes they found the blood of his wife.

(You would hand the case over to the Jury or throw it out)


As the judge, would you allow all of the cases above to go to a jury ?

If you would through out any of the cases, which would it be?


In Egyptology there are literally tons of hieroglyphics written in stone and physical, age dated artifacts. Why would any one calling themselves a scientist/researcher waste their time with mythology?

In the past books and those who could read were few. People retold stories verbally from one generation to another.

Ghost stories, Robin Hood, The Legend of Sleep Hollow ... Does a fairy tale become fact after the verbal citations are put in print?

IF there is no evidence to base any past events on, they remain a myth if by print or the flapping of the lips.

Well they could be true.. you can not prove it is not true.. the only support of myths is the stupid argument.. ignorance, what can not be proved.

Science/research is based on what can be proven. Myths are based on the imagination.


Myths are usually embraced when they conform with wishful thinking.

Finding the lost city of Atlantis.

I am the descendant of some great leader of the past

Being abducted by friendly aliens

The Israelites ruling Egypt

Finding the lost Ark

When a myth, tickles their fancy, it is swallowed hook, line and sinker, but when a myth goes against their grain, they spit it out?

After I read people claiming to be 'Egyptologist' repeating myths to promote their assertions, I like to bring up an unpopular myth:


In a tomb is an image of some farmers/herders with animals. They are wearing striped clothes. From this image, on their web pages they write:

This is an image of the Israelites migrating into Egypt.

(They use the striped clothes as evidence it is the Israelites)

When I post the account of Professor L. Englehart who reported in his journal that he witnessed crooked Egyptologist in the tomb after hours, painting the stripes on those images.

When I write the account that image never had any striped clothes before several years before 1900 ... it is instant rage.

When a myth is produced that is contrary to their wishful thinking.

* Englehart was a @#$ liar.

* Where is the journal right now?

With out the journal, I suppose the paint could be age dated and examined for chemical content, or if there were some kind of published photos before 1900, one might examine it for stripes.

The Egyptian common people are very poor. It would have been easy to bribe guards to allow wealthy foreigners in after the tombs were closed.

It is quite possible that 'Egyptologist' create forgeries. In my section on forgeries, some of the actual cases are listed. Faked antiques is a multi million dollar industry.

NO matter that no one can not prove this did NOT happen, it remains a myth and is not worth spit.



When forgers concoct 'historic events', one of the best tricks is sprinkle some known information in with the lies.

If you wanted to create a fake letter to George Washington and make it believable, you would sprinkle in some facts such as the year, names of people he encountered, places he was at that particular time.

A good forgery takes information already established to mix in with the concoction.


When people write that Josephus said... I like to counter:

#1 The ancient Egyptians wrote in hieroglyphs, didn't Josephus write in Latin?

#2 Josephus was not born until centuries after the Hyksos were expelled and he lived in another country. How could Josephus be a witness of events that took place before he was born?

#3 You can not make a copy of that which you do not have to copy from. In the books published of what Josephus wrote, show us where the writings are that these authors copied their publications from?

#4 Josephus was supposed to have gotten his information from Manethos. Manethos lived in another country and died centuries before Josephus was ever born.

Show us what museum the writings of Manethos is today so we can go there?

#5 Manethos was not born until 200 years until after the Hyksos were expelled.

Explain how Manethos could record events that he could not be a witness to?

Recently I was accused of calling Joesphus a liar. Before I could call Josephus a liar, there would first have to be a Josephus.

The ONLY evidence that a Josephus ever existed is by the text he was said to have written.

Show us the museum where we can see the text written by Josephus.

Judge: What would you do if the validity of evidence in the Josephus account, was presented evidence in a court. Scroll back to Case B and see what your decision was in a case of non existence evidence.


There will be a never ending stream of mythology accounts mixed into Egyptology by those who concoct them and the lemmings who are pleased by them.

I would suggest that myths be documented in the encyclopedia of Egyptology and marked with a symbol denoting myth

(M) Josephus

(M) Manethos

When researchers go to that reference, a detailed file would lay out the case these are only myths with on existing evidence.


Other than the honest, even the experts can and do publish false information.

On 10/6/2009 The PBS channel had a program on The History Channel.

In this particular segment a southern city had placed a marker where a bridge was destroyed and where General Sherman crossed on a pontoon bridge.

This particular place was arrived at by engineers and maps.

The crossing took place less than 100 years before the marker was placed.

One of the local guys observed that there were giant cut stones along the river bank in an entirely different location and believed the marker was wrong.

After involving the History Detectives and an investigation following, the city authorities said ooops and changed the marker.

Why it took an investigation I am not sure. When there were giant stones weighing tons on the river bank and in the river, a little deduction would leave little doubt of what was on top of those foundation stones.

I suppose the resistance would be the lemmings not wanting to rock the boat of the experts?

In less than 100 years, with experts at hand, false information was expelled.

Egyptology research is difficult in the beginning when it is based on actual information that DOES exist.

(M) Josephus ... Mythology should be like a fart in the wind which quickly passes and is not smelled again.

As the Englehart Journal which reported the stripes were painted by forgers, it should be stored on the same shelf as Josephus.


To begin to consider what the Egyptians wrote, you would need to first see it, transcribe it, then translate it.

If the surface of Egyptology to be scratched, mythology must be identified, labeled and then ignored.